Friday, August 27, 2010

Are you f***ng kidding me? More drawings!?

Yes the second of two posts today.
some heads
the incwedibul hunk and some sort of felinious creature
johnny storm (yikes who did that flame effect?) and the thong
black dynamite in the middle. the guy on the top left was inspired by a bakshi character in his film "coonskin". the whole thing is on youtube

this was a character for a comic.

Im back!

Heres some recent sketchbook pages:
This one is a little embarrassing but im still in a bad habit of drawing characters completely off model and by memory. Squashing and stretching is something i need to learn.
we got a couple silver surfers and a swamp thing to the right
This was for a bad idea i had a few years ago. It was kind of an xmen team of animal human hybrids. (they also for whatever reason gain big enormous muscles as a result)

some gurlz
coming soon....